Java version of linpack benchmark offered at The universuty of Tennesse
Linpack Benchmark (description)
Linpack Benchmark -- Java Version
CaffeineMark™     Java Benchmark

BYTE benchmark tests (description & download) (BYTEmark)

SPEC benchmark   (processor , speed and cache size, compiler, OS)
SPEC FAQ describing the SPEC benchmark
More SPEC-related information is available at the SPEC WWW site

AIM Technology banchmark methods

MPP system benchmark
NAS Parallel Benchmarks (NPB)

Transaction processing benchmark
TPC (Transaction Processing Performance Council)

Graphic system benchmark
Picture-Level Benchmark (PLB)

The TOP500 List  

The  table shows the 500 most powerful commercially available computer systems.

          Nworld - Position within the TOP500 ranking
          Manufacturer - Manufacturer or vendor
          Computer - Type indicated by manufacturer or vendor
          Installation Site - Customer
          Location - Location and country
          Year - Year of installation/last major update
          Field of Application
          #Proc. - Number of processors
          Rmax - Maximal LINPACK performance achieved
          Rpeak - Theoretical peak performance
          Nmax - Problemsize for achieving Rmax
          N1/2 - Problemsize for achieving half of Rmax
(local copy, June 18, 1998)